Table of Contents
A Piecewise Modeling Approach for Climate Sensitivity Studies: Tests with a Shallow-Water Model
Modification of Cumulus Convection and Planetary Boundary Layer Schemes in the GRAPES Global Model
Analysis of Tibetan Plateau Vortex Activities Using ERA-Interim Data for the Period 1979-2013
Interannual Variability of the Wintertime Northern Branch High Ridge in the Subtropical Westerlies and Its Relationship with Winter Climate in China
Dust Aerosol Effects on Cirrus and Altocumulus Clouds in Northwest China
Cloud Radiative Forcing Induced by Layered Clouds and Associated Impact on the Atmospheric Heating Rate
Characterization of Drought and Its Assessment over Sindh, Pakistan During 1951-2010
Validation of the Modified Becker's Split-Window Approach for Retrieving Land Surface Temperature from AVHRR
Characteristics and Mechanisms of the Sudden Warming Events in the Nocturnal Atmospheric Boundary Layer: A Case Study Using WRF
A New Evaporation Duct Climatology over the South China Sea


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