Table of Contents
A Climatology of Extratropical Cyclones over East Asia During 1958–2001
Spatial Patterns of Precipitation Anomalies for 30-yr Warm Periods in China During the Past 2000 Years
Decadal Features of Heavy Rainfall Events in Eastern China
Influences of Climate Change on the Uptake and Storage of Anthropogenic CO2 in the Global Ocean
The Baseline Evaluation of LASG/IAP Climate System Ocean Model (LICOM) Version 2
Simulation and Validation of the Aerosol Optical Thicknessover China in 2006
Climate Simulation and Future Projection of Precipitation and the Water Vapor Budget in the Haihe River Basin
Projections of Annual Mean Air Temperature and Precipitation over the Globe and in China During the 21st Century bythe BCC Climate System Model BCC_CSM1.0
Model Projections of Precipitation Minus Evaporation in China
The Effects of Different HITRAN Versions on Calculated Long-Wave Radiation and Uncertainty Evaluation


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