Table of Contents
A Review of Aerosol Optical Properties and Radiative Effects
An Overview of Passive and Active Dust Detection Methods Using Satellite Measurements
Evaluation of CMIP5 Earth System Models in Reproducing Leaf Area Index and Vegetation Cover over the Tibetan Plateau
Assimilation of Global Navigation Satellite Radio Occultation Observations in GRAPES: Operational Implementation
Changed Relationships Between the East Asian Summer Monsoon Circulations and the Summer Rainfall in Eastern China
Changes of Precipitation Intensity Spectra in Different Regions of Mainland China During 1961-2006
Decadal Variability of Extreme Precipitation Days over Northwest China from 1963 to 2012
Effects of Doubled Carbon Dioxide on Rainfall Responses to Radiative Processes of Water Clouds
Statistical Characteristics of Convective Initiation in the Beijing-Tianjin Region Revealed by Six-Year Radar Data
Observation of a Straight-Line Wind Case Caused by a Gust Front and Its Associated Fine-Scale Structures
Impact of Climate Change on Maize Potential Productivity and the Potential Productivity Gap in Southwest China
Attribution of Maize Yield Increase in China to Climate Change and Technological Advancement Between 1980 and 2010


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