Table of Contents
A Study of Surface Humidity Changes in China During the Recent 50 Years
Extended-Range Forecasts of the Principal 20–30-Day Oscillation of the Circulation over East Asia During the Summer of 2002
Can the Uncertainties of Madden–Jullian Oscillation Cause a Significant “Spring Predictability Barrier” for ENSO Events?
Characteristics of Aerosol Activation Efficiency and Aerosol and CCN Vertical Distributions in North China
The Evolution of a Meso-β-Scale Convective Vortex in the Dabie Mountain Area
A Study on Height Reassignment for the AMV Products of the FY-2C Satellite
Influence of HITRAN Database Updates on Retrievals of Atmospheric CO2 from Near-Infrared Spectra
Analysis of the Weighted Mean Temperature of China Based on Sounding and ECMWF Reanalysis Data
Numerical Simulation and Evaluation of a New Hydrological Model Coupled with GRAPES


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