Influence of Surface Temperature and Emissivity on AMSU-A Assimilation over Land
HE Wenying, LIU Zhiquan, CHEN Hongbin
2011, 25(5): 545-557.
Abstract PDF
Time-Expanded Sampling Approach for Ensemble Kalman Filter:Experiment Assimilation of Simulated Soundings
YANG Yi, GONG Zhongqiang, WANG Jinyan, LIU Xinhua
2011, 25(5): 558-567.
Abstract PDF
Evaluation of the NMC Regional Ensemble Prediction System During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
LI Xiaoli, TIAN Hua, DENG Guo
2011, 25(5): 568-580.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of Cumulus Convective Parameterization Schemes on Summer Monsoon Precipitation Simulation over China
YU Entao, WANG Huijun, GAO Yongqi, SUN Jianqi
2011, 25(5): 581-592.
Abstract PDF
Simulations of Water Resource Changes in Eastern and Central China in the Past 130 Years by a Regional Climate Model
ZHENG Yiqun, LONG Tingting, ZENG Xinmin, QIANG Xuemin
2011, 25(5): 593-610.
Abstract PDF
A Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction Scheme
CHEN Peiyan, YU Hui, Johnny C. L. CHAN
2011, 25(5): 611-624.
Abstract PDF
Study of the Air-Sea Interaction During Typhoon Kaemi (2006)
LIU Lei, FEI Jianfang, LIN Xiaopei, SONG Xiangzhou, HUANG Xiaogang, Cheng Xiaoping
2011, 25(5): 625-638.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of Internally and Externally Mixed Anthropogenic Sulfate and Carbonaceous Aerosols on East Asian Climate
ZHANG Li, LIU Hongnian, ZHANG Ning
2011, 25(5): 639-658.
Abstract PDF
A Method for Retrieving Vertical Ozone Profiles from Limb Scattered Measurements
WANG Zijun, CHEN Shengbo, YANG Chunyan, JIN Lihua
2011, 25(5): 659-668.
Abstract PDF
Detection and Correction of AMSR-E Radio-Frequency Interference
WU Ying, WENG Fuzhong
2011, 25(5): 669-681.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal Prediction of Spring Dust Weather Frequency in Beijing
LANG Xianmei
2011, 25(5): 682-690.
Abstract PDF


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