Table of Contents
Influence of Surface Temperature and Emissivity on AMSU-A Assimilation over Land
Time-Expanded Sampling Approach for Ensemble Kalman Filter:Experiment Assimilation of Simulated Soundings
Evaluation of the NMC Regional Ensemble Prediction System During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Impacts of Cumulus Convective Parameterization Schemes on Summer Monsoon Precipitation Simulation over China
Simulations of Water Resource Changes in Eastern and Central China in the Past 130 Years by a Regional Climate Model
A Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction Scheme
Study of the Air-Sea Interaction During Typhoon Kaemi (2006)
Impacts of Internally and Externally Mixed Anthropogenic Sulfate and Carbonaceous Aerosols on East Asian Climate
A Method for Retrieving Vertical Ozone Profiles from Limb Scattered Measurements
Detection and Correction of AMSR-E Radio-Frequency Interference
Seasonal Prediction of Spring Dust Weather Frequency in Beijing


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