Forecasting Different Types of Convective Weather: A Deep Learning Approach
A Novel Identification of the Polar/Eurasia Pattern and Its Weather Impact in May
Asymmetry of Atmospheric Responses to Two-Type El Niño and La Niña over Northwest Pacific
Seasonal Climate Prediction Models for the Number of Landfalling Tropical Cyclones in China
Development of Land Surface Model BCC_AVIM2.0 and Its Preliminary Performance in LS3MIP/CMIP6
Relationship between Extreme Precipitation and Temperature in Two Different Regions: The Tibetan Plateau and Middle–East China
The Effect of Solar Cycle on Climate of Northeast Asia
Improved Calculation of Turbulence Parameters Based on Six Tropical Cyclone Cases: Implication to Wind Turbine Design in Typhoon-Prone Areas
Influence of High Relative Humidity on Secondary Organic Carbon: Observations at a Background Site in East China
Fengyun-3D MERSI True Color Imagery Developed for Environmental Applications
Radiometric Cross-Calibration for Multiple Sensors with the Moon as an Intermediate Reference
Simulation of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Annular Modes by CAMS-CSM
Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves Simulated by CAMS-CSM
Improved Assimilation of Fengyun-3 Satellite-Based Snow Cover Fraction in Northeastern China
Differences in the Rainfall Characteristics between Mount Tai and Its Surrounding Areas
How Much Can AI Techniques Improve Surface Air Temperature Forecast?—A Report from AI Challenger 2018 Global Weather Forecast Contest
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