Chemical Components, Variation, and Source Identification of PM1 during the Heavy Air Pollution Episodes in Beijing in December 2016
Dependence of Tropical Cyclone Intensification on the Latitude under Vertical Shear
How Does Tropical Cyclone Size Affect the Onset Timing of Secondary Eyewall Formation?
Assessing Hourly Precipitation Forecast Skill with the Fractions Skill Score
Acidity of Aerosols during Winter Heavy Haze Events in Beijing and Gucheng, China
Average Amount and Stability of Available Agro-Climate Resources in the Main Maize Cropping Regions in China during 1981–2010
Comparison of Submicron Particles at a Rural and an Urban Site in the North China Plain during the December 2016 Heavy Pollution Episodes
Aerosol Hygroscopicity during the Haze Red-Alert Period in December 2016 at a Rural Site of the North China Plain
Tracking a Severe Pollution Event in Beijing in December 2016 with the GRAPES–CUACE Adjoint Model
Vertical Distribution Characteristics of PM2.5 Observed by a Mobile Vehicle Lidar in Tianjin, China in 2016
Characteristics of Turbulent Transfer during Episodes of Heavy Haze Pollution in Beijing in Winter 2016/17
Differences in Meteorological Conditions between Days with Persistent and Non-Persistent Pollution in Beijing, China
Changes in Extreme Maximum Temperature Events and Population Exposure in China under Global Warming Scenarios of 1.5 and 2.0°C: Analysis Using the Regional Climate Model COSMO-CLM
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