An Overview of Mineral Dust Modeling over East Asia
Observational Characteristics of Cloud Radiative Effects over Three Arid Regions in the Northern Hemisphere
Interannual Variability of Summertime Outgoing Longwave Radiation over the Maritime Continent in Relation to East Asian Summer Monsoon Anomalies
Statistical Modeling of CMIP5 Projected Changes in Extreme Wet Spells over China in the Late 21st Century
Climate Characteristics of Abnormal Double-Blocking Activities over the Ural Mountains and Sea of Okhotsk
Developing the Science Product Algorithm Testbed for Chinese Next-Generation Geostationary Meteorological Satellites: Fengyun-4 Series
Assimilation of HY-2A Scatterometer Ambiguous Winds Based on Feature Thinning
Assimilation of Total Lightning Data Using the Three-Dimensional Variational Method at Convection-Allowing Resolution
Improving the Extreme Rainfall Forecast of Typhoon Morakot (2009) by Assimilating Radar Data from Taiwan Island and Mainland China
Influences of the Three Gorges Dam in China on Precipitation over Surrounding Regions
Reconstructing Missing Hourly Real-Time Precipitation Data Using a Novel Intermittent Sliding Window Period Technique for Automatic Weather Station Data
Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Gridded Bias Removal in Surface Temperature Forecasts
Spatial and Temporal Changes in Vapor Pressure Deficit and Their Impacts on Crop Yields in China during 1980–2008
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