Table of Contents
Mechanisms for the Formation of Northeast China Cold Vortex and Its Activities and Impacts: An Overview
The Role of Nonlinear Forcing Singular Vector Tendency Error in Causing the “Spring Predictability Barrier” for ENSO
A Comparative Assessment of Temperature Data from Different Sources for Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Climatology of Transverse Shear Lines Related to Heavy Rainfall over the Tibetan Plateau during Boreal Summer
Possible Combined Influences of Absorbing Aerosols and Anomalous Atmospheric Circulation on Summertime Diurnal Temperature Range Variation over the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
Has the Prediction of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Improved Since the Late 1970s?
Characteristics of Secondary Circulations in the Convective Boundary Layer over Two-Dimensional Heterogeneous Surfaces
Simulation of Tropical Cyclogenesis in Association with Large-Scale Cyclonic Circulation over the Western North Pacific
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Snow Depth Derived from Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Data in Kazakhstan
Evaluation of Weather Research and Forecasting Model Parameterizations under Sea-Breeze Conditions in a North Sea Coastal Environment
Observation and Simulation of Near-Surface Wind and Its Variation with Topography in Urumqi, West China
Comparison of the Impacts of Climate Change on Potential Productivity of Different Staple Crops in the Agro-Pastoral Ecotone of North China
Projection of Summer Precipitation over the Yangtze-Huaihe River Basin Using Multimodel Statistical Downscaling Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis


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