Table of Contents
Comparison of the Multi-Scale Features in Two Persistent Heavy Rainfall Events in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Yangtze River
The Mesoscale Balance and Imbalance and the Corresponding Potential Vorticity Inversion from the View of Helicity
Energy Budgets on the Interactions between the Mean and Eddy Flows during a Persistent Heavy Rainfall Event over the Yangtze River Valley in Summer 2010
A Comprehensive Classification of Anomalous Circulation Patterns Responsible for Persistent Precipitation Extremes in South China
Adjoint Sensitivity Study on Idealized Explosive Cyclogenesis
Water Vapor Transport around the Tibetan Plateau and Its Effect on Summer Rainfall over the Yangtze River Valley
Assimilating Atmosphere Reanalysis in Coupled Data Assimilation
Low-Frequency Oscillations of the East Asia-Pacific Teleconnection Pattern and Their Impacts on Persistent Heavy Precipitation in the Yangtze-Huai River Valley
The Multiscale Factors Favorable for a Persistent Heavy Rain Event over Hainan Island in October 2010
Vertical Distributions of Aerosol Optical Properties during Haze and Floating Dust Weather in Shanghai
Decadal Variation of the Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode and Its Influence on the East Asian Trough


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