Table of Contents
Vertical Structures of Atmospheric Properties in Southeast Tibet during the South Asian Summer Monsoon in 2013
Development of a Global Historic Monthly Mean Precipitation Dataset
On the Assimilation of Satellite Sounder Data in Cloudy Skies in Numerical Weather Prediction Models
Advances in Studies of Cloud Overlap and Its Radiative Transfer in Climate Models
Characteristics of the Two Active Stages of Lightning Activity in Two Hailstorms
Multi-Sliding Time Windows Based Changing Trend of Mean Temperature and Its Association with the Global-Warming Hiatus
Anomalous Circulation Patterns in Association with Two Types of Daily Precipitation Extremes over Southeastern China during Boreal Summer
Impact of Urban Land-Use Change in Eastern China on the East Asian Subtropical Monsoon: A Numerical Study
A Comparison of Atmospheric Temperature over China between Radiosonde Observations and Multiple Reanalysis Datasets
The East Asian Subtropical Summer Monsoon: Recent Progress


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