Table of Contents
In-Situ Measurements of Cloud-Precipitation Microphysics in the East Asian Monsoon Region Since 1960
A Comparison of the Physical and Optical Properties of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants and Mineral Dust over Northwest China
An Observed Connection Between Wintertime Temperature Anomalies over Northwest China and Weather Regime Transitions in North Atlantic
Possible Causes of the Interdecadal Transition of the Somali Jet Around the Late 1990s
A New Circulation Index to Describe Variations in Winter Temperature in Southwest China
Numerical Study of the Impacts of Urban Expansion on Meiyu Precipitation over Eastern China
Impact of 4DVAR Assimilation of AIRS Total Column Ozone Observations on the Simulation of Hurricane Earl
Super-Parameterization in GRAPES: The Construction of SP-GRAPES and Associated Preliminary Results
Interaction Between Typhoon Vicente (1208) and the Western Pacific Subtropical High During the Beijing Extreme Rainfall of 21 July 2012
Summertime Thermally-Induced Circulations over the Lake Nam Co Region of the Tibetan Plateau
A Comparison of De-noising Methods for Differential Phase Shift and Associated Rainfall Estimation
Impact of the Vertical Velocity Field on Charging Processes and Charge Separation in a Simulated Thunderstorm
Variation Characteristics of Regional Synchronous Wind in Hami, Xinjiang of Northwest China


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