Table of Contents
Simulation and Projection of the Western Pacific Subtropical High in CMIP5 Models
Numerical Study of the Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Spring Persistent Rain over Eastern China
An Overview of the Studies on Black Carbon and Mineral Dust Deposition in Snow and Ice Cores in East Asia
Spatiotemporal Variations of Cloud Amount over the Yangtze River Delta, China
Characteristics of the Regional Meteorological Drought Events in Southwest China During 1960-2010
Distribution Characteristics of the Intensity and Extreme Intensity of Tropical Cyclones Influencing China
Mean Structure of Tropical Cyclones Making Landfall in Mainland China
Marine-Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characteristics over the South China Sea During the Passage of Strong Typhoon Hagupit
The First Observed Cloud Echoes and Microphysical Parameter Retrievals by China's 94-GHz Cloud Radar
Soil Moisture Effects on Sand Saltation and Dust Emission Observed over the Horqin Sandy Land Area in China
Simulation of the Electrification of a Tropical Cyclone Using the WRF-ARW Model:An Idealized Case
Scenario Analysis on the Adaptation of Different Maize Varieties to Future Climate Change in Northeast China


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