Table of Contents
Changing Trends of Daily Temperature Extremes with Different Intensities in China
The COWL Pattern Identified with a Large AO Index and Its Impact on Annular Surface Temperature Anomalies
GCM Simulations of Stable Isotopes in the Water Cycle in Comparison with GNIP Observations over East Asia
The 2009 Summer Low Temperature in Northeast China and Its Association with Prophase Changes of the Air-Sea System
Representativeness of Four Precipitation Observational Networks of China
A Numerical Simulation of the Impact of Tropical Western Pacific SST Anomalies on the Decadal Shift of the Meiyu Belt
Analysis of the Decadal and Interdecadal Variations of the East Asian Winter Monsoon as Simulated by 20 Coupled Models in IPCC AR4
A Simulation Study on the Extreme Temperature Events of the 20th Century by Using the BCC_AGCM
Estimation of the Anthropogenic Heat Release Distribution in China from 1992 to 2009
Effects of Drought on Winter Wheat Yield in North China During 2012-2100
Optical and Electrical Observations of an Abnormal Triggered Lightning Event with two Upward Propagations


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