Table of Contents
A New Prediction Model for Tropical Storm Frequency over the Western North Pacific Using Observed Winter-Spring Precipitation and Geopotential Height at 500 hPa
A Hybrid Dynamical-Statistical Approach for Predicting Winter Precipitation over Eastern China
Probabilistic Seasonal Prediction of Summer Rainfall over East China Based on Multi-Model Ensemble Schemes
Statistical Downscaling of Pattern Projection Using Multi-Model Output Variables as Predictors
Development of a Downscaling Method in China Regional Summer Precipitation Prediction
Analogue-Dynamical Prediction of Monsoon Precipitation in Northeast China Based on Dynamic and Optimal Configuration of Multiple Predictors
Long-Term Trend of Temperature Derived by Statistical Downscaling Based on EOF Analysis
The Hindcast of Winter and Spring Arctic and Antarctic Oscillation with the Coupled Climate Models
The Relationship Between June Precipitation over Mid-Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River Basin and Spring Soil Moisture over the East Asian Monsoon Region
Simulated Spatiotemporal Response of Ocean Heat Transport to Freshwater Enhancement in North Atlantic and Associated Mechanisms
Hindcast Experiment of Extraseasonal Short-Term Summer Climate Prediction over China with RegCM3_IAP9L-AGCM
Evaluation and Analysis of RegCM3 Simulated Summer Rainfall over the Huaihe River Basin of China


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