Table of Contents
Seasonal Prediction of Summer Temperature over Northeast China Using a Year-to-Year Incremental Approach
Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Intraseasonal Oscillations in the Meridional Wind Field over the Subtropical Northern Pacific
Analysis of Stationary-Wave Nonstationarity in the Northern Hemisphere 500-hPa Height Field
Application of the Energy-Casimir Method to the Study of Mesoscale Disturbance Stability
The Optimized Short-Range Ensemble Forecast Based on Singular Vector Calculations
Influences of Two Convective Schemes on the Radiative Energy Budget in GAMIL1.0
Analysis on the 10-yr Simulation of the Meiyu Precipitation and Its Associated Circulation with the GAMIL Model
Real-Time Synchronous Integration of Radar and Raingauge Measurements Based on the Quasi Same-Rain-Volume Sampling
Relationships Between Anomalies of Land-Sea Thermal Contrast in North Africa and Summer Flood and Drought Across the Jianghuai Region of China
Mesoscale Analysis of a Heavy Rainfall Event Along the Huaihe River Valley During 8-9 July 2007
Analysis on the Long-Lasting Freezing Rain and Snowstorm Event at the Beginning of 2008


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