Table of Contents
Review on Climate Characteristics of Lightning Activity
Spatio-Temporal Correlation Analysis of Global Temperature Based on the Correlation Matrix Theory
Past and Future Changes in the Climate of Hong Kong
The Arctic and Antarctic Oscillations in the IPCC AR4 Coupled Models
The Annual Modes of Tropical Precipitation Simulated by the LASG/IAP Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model FGOALS_s1.1
Simulation of China Summer Precipitation Using a Regional Air-Sea Coupled Model
Agricultural Land Use Effects on Climate over China as Simulated by a Regional Climate Model
The Effects of Strong Ageostrophic Outflows on the Formation of Surface Mesoscale Pressure Systems in Squall Lines
Characteristics of the Acid Rain Variation in China During 1993-2006 and Associated Causes
Variations of the Surface Wettability Index over the Tibetan Plateau During 1971-2005
Influence of Precipitation on the Determination of Proper Time for Soil Resistivity Measurement


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