Review on Climate Characteristics of Lightning Activity
ZHANG Yijun, MA Ming, LU Weitao, TAO Shanchang
2010, 24(2): 137-149.
Abstract PDF
Spatio-Temporal Correlation Analysis of Global Temperature Based on the Correlation Matrix Theory
ZHI Rong, FENG Guolin, ZHOU Lei, GONG Zhiqiang
2010, 24(2): 150-162.
Abstract PDF
Past and Future Changes in the Climate of Hong Kong
GINN Wing-lui, LEE Tsz-cheung, CHAN Kin-yu
2010, 24(2): 163-175.
Abstract PDF
The Arctic and Antarctic Oscillations in the IPCC AR4 Coupled Models
ZHU Yali, WANG Huijun
2010, 24(2): 176-188.
Abstract PDF
The Annual Modes of Tropical Precipitation Simulated by the LASG/IAP Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model FGOALS_s1.1
ZHANG Lixia, ZHOU Tianjun, WU Bo, BAO Qing
2010, 24(2): 189-202.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of China Summer Precipitation Using a Regional Air-Sea Coupled Model
YAO Suxiang, ZHANG Yaocun
2010, 24(2): 203-214.
Abstract PDF
Agricultural Land Use Effects on Climate over China as Simulated by a Regional Climate Model
ZHANG Dongfeng, GAO Xuejie, SHI Ying, GIORGI Filippo, DONG Wenjie
2010, 24(2): 215-224.
Abstract PDF
The Effects of Strong Ageostrophic Outflows on the Formation of Surface Mesoscale Pressure Systems in Squall Lines
JIANG Yongqiang, WANG Yuan
2010, 24(2): 225-238.
Abstract PDF
Characteristics of the Acid Rain Variation in China During 1993-2006 and Associated Causes
ZHAO Yanxia, HOU Qing
2010, 24(2): 239-250.
Abstract PDF
Variations of the Surface Wettability Index over the Tibetan Plateau During 1971-2005
DU Jun, LI Chun, LA Ba, Luobuciren, LIAO Jian
2010, 24(2): 251-258.
Abstract PDF
Influence of Precipitation on the Determination of Proper Time for Soil Resistivity Measurement
LI Liangfu, LI Hang, XIANG Bo, QIN Binquan
2010, 24(2): 259-268.
Abstract PDF


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