A Numerical Investigation of the Eyewall Evolution of a Tropical Cyclone
Typhoon Vortex Self-Organization in a Baroclinic Environment
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Tropical Cyclones at Different Intensity Scales over the Western North Pacific from 1945 to 2005
Study on ETKF-Based Initial Perturbation Scheme for GRAPES Global Ensemble Prediction
Characteristics and Causes of Changes of Pan Evaporation in China During 1957-2001
Characteristics of Atmospheric Heat Sources over Asia in Summer: Comparison of Results Calculated Using Multiple Reanalysis Datasets
Temporal and Spatial Distributions of the Spring Persistent Rains over Southeastern China
An Efficient Method on Deriving Topographic Index from DEM for Land Surface Hydrological Model Simulations
The Effects of Terrain Slope and Orientation on Different Weather Processes in China under Different Model Resolutions
An Observational and Numerical Study on the Topographic Influence on Dust Transport in East Asia
A Probabilistic Prediction Model for Heavy Rain-Caused Landslides in the Chongqing Region


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