2009 Vol. 23, No. 5

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A Numerical Investigation of the Eyewall Evolution of a Tropical Cyclone
LI Qingqing, DUAN Yihong, FU Gang, YU Hui
2009, 23(5): 517-538.
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Typhoon Vortex Self-Organization in a Baroclinic Environment
TENG Daigao, LUO Zhexian, YU Hui, LI Chunhu, DAI Kan
2009, 23(5): 539-549.
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Spatial and Temporal Variations of Tropical Cyclones at Different Intensity Scales over the Western North Pacific from 1945 to 2005
YUAN Jinnan, LIN Ailan, LIU Chunxia
2009, 23(5): 550-561.
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Study on ETKF-Based Initial Perturbation Scheme for GRAPES Global Ensemble Prediction
MA Xulin, XUE Jishan, LU Weisong
2009, 23(5): 562-574.
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Characteristics and Causes of Changes of Pan Evaporation in China During 1957-2001
SHEN Shuanghe, SHENG Qiong
2009, 23(5): 575-584.
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Characteristics of Atmospheric Heat Sources over Asia in Summer: Comparison of Results Calculated Using Multiple Reanalysis Datasets
ZHANG Bo, CHEN Longxun, HE Jinhai, ZHU Congwen, LI Wei
2009, 23(5): 585-597.
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Temporal and Spatial Distributions of the Spring Persistent Rains over Southeastern China
WAN Rijin, WU Guoxiong
2009, 23(5): 598-608.
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An Efficient Method on Deriving Topographic Index from DEM for Land Surface Hydrological Model Simulations
XU Jingwen, ZHANG Wanchang, SUN Chengwu, FU Congbin
2009, 23(5): 609-616.
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The Effects of Terrain Slope and Orientation on Different Weather Processes in China under Different Model Resolutions
HUANG Danqing, QIAN Yongfu
2009, 23(5): 617-628.
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An Observational and Numerical Study on the Topographic Influence on Dust Transport in East Asia
JIANG Xuegong, CHEN Shoujun
2009, 23(5): 629-641.
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A Probabilistic Prediction Model for Heavy Rain-Caused Landslides in the Chongqing Region
MA Li, MIAO Qilong, ZHOU Guobing, HAN Fengqing, CHEN Yanying
2009, 23(5): 642-647.
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