Thrusts and Prospects on Understanding and Predicting Asian Monsoon Climate
A Study of the Teleconnections in the Asian-Pacific Monsoon Region
Discussion of Some Problems as to the East Asian Subtropical Monsoon
The Decadal Shift of the Summer Climate in the Late 1980s over Eastern China and Its Possible Causes
Seasonal Variation of the Meridional Wind in the Temperate Jet Stream and Its Relationship to the Asian Monsoon
Summer Asian-Pacific Oscillation and Its Relationship with Atmospheric Circulation and Monsoon Rainfall
An Assessment on the Performance of IPCC AR4 Climate Models in Simulating Interdecadal Variations of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
Analysis and Numerical Simulations of the Teleconnection Between Indian Summer Monsoon and Precipitation in North China
Somali Jet Changes under the Global Warming
Study on the Dynamic Process of the Onset of South China Sea Summer Monsoon
An Index of East Asian Winter Monsoon Applied to the Description of China's Mainland Winter Temperature Changes
Temporal Variations of the Spring Persistent Rains and South China Sea Sub-high and Their Correlations to the Circulation and Precipitation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
The Unprecedented Freezing Disaster in January 2008 in Southern China and Its Possible Association with the Global Warming


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