CRA-40/Atmosphere—The First-Generation Chinese Atmospheric Reanalysis (1979–2018): System Description and Performance Evaluation
Performance of a Global Spectral Model with Dry Air-Mass and Total Air-Mass Conserving Dynamical Cores: A Case Study of the July 2021 Henan Extreme Rainfall Event
A Diagnostic Study of the Influence of Early Spring Soil Moisture in Southeastern China on Interannual Variability of the East Asian Subtropical Summer Monsoon Onset
Effects of Soil Hydraulic Properties on Soil Moisture Estimation
Synoptic Climate Settings and Moisture Supply for the Extreme Heavy Snowfall in Northern China during 6–8 November 2021
Observed Vertical Structure of Precipitation over the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau in Summer 2021
Thermal Wind Imbalance along the Curved Streamline of the Secondary Circulation in Tropical Cyclones
The Monsoon Low-Level Jet: Climatology and Impact on Monsoon Rainfall over the West Coast and Central Peninsular India
Meteorological Tower Observed CO2 Flux and Footprint in the Forest of Xiaoxing’an Mountains, Northeast China
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