2008 Vol. 22, No. 4

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Thrusts and Prospects on Understanding and Predicting Asian Monsoon Climate
2008, 22(4): 383-403.
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A Study of the Teleconnections in the Asian-Pacific Monsoon Region
DING Yihui, LIU Yunyun
2008, 22(4): 404-418.
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Discussion of Some Problems as to the East Asian Subtropical Monsoon
HE Jinhai, ZHAO Ping, ZHU Congwen, ZHANG Renhe, TANG Xu, CHEN Longxun, ZHOU Xiuji
2008, 22(4): 419-434.
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The Decadal Shift of the Summer Climate in the Late 1980s over Eastern China and Its Possible Causes
ZHANG Renhe, WU Bingyi, ZHAO Ping, HAN Jinping
2008, 22(4): 435-445.
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Seasonal Variation of the Meridional Wind in the Temperate Jet Stream and Its Relationship to the Asian Monsoon
ZHANG Yaocun, WANG Dongqian, REN Xuejuan
2008, 22(4): 446-454.
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Summer Asian-Pacific Oscillation and Its Relationship with Atmospheric Circulation and Monsoon Rainfall
ZHAO Ping, CHEN Junming, XIAO Dong, NAN Sulan, ZOU Yan, ZHOU Botao
2008, 22(4): 455-471.
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An Assessment on the Performance of IPCC AR4 Climate Models in Simulating Interdecadal Variations of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
SUN Ying, DING Yihui
2008, 22(4): 472-488.
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Analysis and Numerical Simulations of the Teleconnection Between Indian Summer Monsoon and Precipitation in North China
LIU Yunyun, DING Yihui
2008, 22(4): 489-501.
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Somali Jet Changes under the Global Warming
LIN Meijing, FAN Ke, WANG Huijun
2008, 22(4): 502-510.
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Study on the Dynamic Process of the Onset of South China Sea Summer Monsoon
ZHANG Lifeng, ZHANG Yongchui, ZHANG Ming
2008, 22(4): 511-521.
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An Index of East Asian Winter Monsoon Applied to the Description of China's Mainland Winter Temperature Changes
ZHU Yanfeng
2008, 22(4): 522-529.
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Temporal Variations of the Spring Persistent Rains and South China Sea Sub-high and Their Correlations to the Circulation and Precipitation of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
WAN Rijin, WANG Tongmei, WU Guoxiong
2008, 22(4): 530-537.
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The Unprecedented Freezing Disaster in January 2008 in Southern China and Its Possible Association with the Global Warming
DING Yihui, WANG Zunya, SONG Yafang, ZHANG Jin
2008, 22(4): 538-558.
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