New Version of the CMA-GFS Dynamical Core Based on the Predictor–Corrector Time Integration Scheme
Verification of a Modified Nonhydrostatic Global Spectral Dynamical Core Based on the Dry-Mass Vertical Coordinate: Three-Dimensional Idealized Test Cases
Relationships between Springtime Sea Surface Temperatures in Different Indian Ocean Domains and Various Asian Monsoons from Late Spring to the Following Summer
Extended-Range Precursors for Summer Consecutive Extreme Rainfall in the Yangtze River Valley Related to Intraseasonal Variations of the Pacific–Japan Teleconnection
Effects of Large-Scale Climatic Oscillations on the Variability of the Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
Characteristics of Cloud Water Resource and Precipitation Efficiency of Hydrometeors over Northwest China
Impact of the Return Flow on Heavy Pollution in Winter over the Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei Region
Vertical Distribution and Transport of Aerosols during a Dust Event in Xinjiang, Northwest China
Ecological Assessment of Oxygen Balance: A Case Study of China’s Natural Oxygen Bars
Characteristics of Precipitation in China Associated with Tropical Cyclones over the Bay of Bengal
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