Three-Dimensional Urban Thermal Effect across a Large City Cluster during an Extreme Heat Wave: Observational Analysis
Estimation of Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity in China from Fengyun-3D Satellite Data
Evaluation of Reprocessed Fengyun-3B Global Outgoing Longwave Radiation Data: Comparison with CERES OLR
Present-Day PM2.5 over Asia: Simulation and Uncertainty in CMIP6 ESMs
On the Increased Precipitation Recycling by Large-Scale Irrigation over the Haihe Plain
Forty Years of Air Temperature Change over Iran Reveals Linear and Nonlinear Warming
Dynamic Trigger and Moisture Source of Two Typical Meiyu Front Rainstorms Associated with Eastward-Moving Cloud Clusters from the Tibetan Plateau
Variations of Raindrop Size Distribution and Radar Retrieval in Outer Rainbands of Typhoon Mangkhut (2018)
Cloud Water Resource in North China in 2017 Simulated by the CMA-CPEFS Cloud Resolving Model: Validation and Quantification
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