An Updated Review of Event Attribution Approaches
CMIP6 Projections of the “Warming–Wetting” Trend in Northwest China and Related Extreme Events Based on Observational Constraints
Role of Anthropogenic Climate Change in Autumn Drought Trend over China from 1961 to 2014
Reprocessing 12-yr Microwave Humidity Sounder Historical Data of Fengyun-3 Satellites
Deep Learning for Seasonal Precipitation Prediction over China
Contribution of Winter SSTA in the Tropical Eastern Pacific to Changes of Tropical Cyclone Precipitation over Southeast China
Diagnostic Quantification of the Cloud Water Resource in China during 2000–2019
Factors Influencing Diurnal Variations of Cloud and Precipitation in the Yushu Area of the Tibetan Plateau
Comparison between the Roles of Low-Level Jets in Two Heavy Rainfall Events over South China
Sensitivity of Lake-Effect Convection to the Lake Surface Temperature over Poyang Lake in China
Upper-Ocean Lateral Heat Transports in the Niño3.4 Region and Their Connection with ENSO
Fast CO2 Retrieval Using a Semi-Physical Statistical Model for the High-Resolution Spectrometer on the Fengyun-3D Satellite
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