An Improved Method for Defining Short-Term Climate Anomalies
Numerical Investigation and Uncertainty Analysis of Eastern China’s Large-Scale Urbanization Effect on Regional Climate
Effects of Dynamic Vegetation on Global Climate Simulation Using the NCEP GFS and SSiB4/TRIFFID
Heterogeneous Trends of Precipitation Extremes in Recent Two Decades over East Africa
Study on the Clouds Detected by a Millimeter-Wave Cloud Radar over the Hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert in April–June 2018
Atmospheric Structure Observed over the Antarctic Plateau and Its Response to a Prominent Blocking High Event
A New Observation Operator for the Assimilation of Satellite-Derived Relative Humidity: Methodology and Experiments with Three Sea Fog Cases over the Yellow Sea
Evaluation of the ECMWF Precipitation Product over Various Regions of Iran
Synthesis of True Color Images from the Fengyun Advanced Geostationary Radiation Imager
A New Globally Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature Analysis Dataset since 1900
Long-Term Consistent Recalibration of VIRR Solar Reflectance Data Record for Fengyun Polar-Orbiting Satellites
In-Orbit Calibration Uncertainty of the Microwave Radiation Imager on board Fengyun-3C
Evaluation of FY-3/VIRR Sea Surface Temperature Data for Climate Applications
Evaluation of FY-3B Reprocessed OLR Data in the Asian–Australian Monsoon Region during 2011–2019: Comparison with NOAA OLR
Long-Term Changes in Summer Extreme Wet Bulb Globe Temperature over China
Application of an Improved Analog-Based Heavy Precipitation Forecast Model to the Yangtze–Huai River Valley and Its Performance in June–July 2020
Abrupt Flood–Drought Alternation in Southern China during Summer 2019
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