Advances in Research on the ITCZ: Mean Position, Model Bias, and Anthropogenic Aerosol Influences
Advances in Ecological Applications of Fengyun Satellite Data
Changes in the Urban Surface Thermal Environment of a Chinese Coastal City Revealed by Downscaling MODIS LST with Random Forest Algorithm
Challenges in Developing Finite-Volume Global Weather and Climate Models with Focus on Numerical Accuracy
Development of an Integrated Global Land Surface Dataset from 1901 to 2018
Anomalous Features of Extreme Meiyu in 2020 over the Yangtze–Huai River Basin and Attribution to Large-Scale Circulations
Intraseasonal Variability of Summertime Surface Air Temperature over Mid–High-Latitude Eurasia and Its Prediction Skill in S2S Models
Contribution of Atmospheric Rivers to Precipitation and Precipitation Extremes in East Asia: Diagnosis with Moisture Flux Convergence
Synergistic Impacts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on Interdecadal Variations of Summer Rainfall in Northeast Asia
Decadal Shift in the Relationship between Winter Arctic Oscillation and Central Indian Ocean Precipitation during the Early 2000s
Effects of ENSO and Climate Change on Reference Evapotranspiration in Southern Vietnam
An Eddy Perspective of Global Air–Sea Covariation
A Novel Fusion Forecast Model for Hail Weather in Plateau Areas Based on Machine Learning
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