Science and Prediction of Heavy Rainfall over China: Research Progress since the Reform and Opening-Up of New China
Causes and Changes of Drought in China: Research Progress and Prospects
Research Progress on Estimation of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height
Responses of Cloud-Radiative Forcing to Strong El Niño Events over the Western Pacific Warm Pool as Simulated by CAMS-CSM
Obtaining More Information about Precipitation Biases over East Asia from Hourly-Scale Evaluation of Model Simulation
Analysis of a Convective Storm Crossing Poyang Lake in China
Modulation of the Intraseasonal Variability of Pacific–Japan Pattern by ENSO
Joint Effect of East Asia–Pacific and Eurasian Teleconnections on the Summer Precipitation in North Asia
A Possible Mechanism for Winter Sea Ice Decline over the Bering Sea and Its Relationship with Cold Events over North America
Evaluation of the Relationship between Blocking Patterns and Duration of Spring Frost Waves: The Case of Iran
An Objective Approach to Generating Multi-Physics Ensemble Precipitation Forecasts Based on the WRF Model
Spatiotemporal Variability of Surface Wind Speed during 1961–2017 in the Jing–Jin–Ji Region, China
Low-Level Wind Shear Characteristics and Lidar-Based Alerting at Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, China
Estimation of Gridded Atmospheric Oxygen Consumption from 1975 to 2018
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