Development of Climate and Earth System Models in China: Past Achievements and New CMIP6 Results
A 10-Yr Global Land Surface Reanalysis Interim Dataset (CRA-Interim/Land): Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation
Evaluation of Daily Precipitation Product in China from the CMA Global Atmospheric Interim Reanalysis
Origins of Quasi-Biweekly and Intraseasonal Oscillations over the South China Sea and Bay of Bengal and Scale Selection of Unstable Equatorial and Off-Equatorial Modes
Autumn Tropical Cyclones over the Western North Pacific during 1949–2016: A Statistical Study
Tropical Cyclone Size Change under Ocean Warming and Associated Responses of Tropical Cyclone Destructiveness: Idealized Experiments
Influence of Intermittent Turbulence on Air Pollution and Its Dispersion in Winter 2016/2017 over Beijing, China
Table of Contents
Madden–Julian Oscillation: Its Discovery, Dynamics, and Impact on East Asia
A Review of Research on Tropical Air–Sea Interaction, ENSO Dynamics, and ENSO Prediction in China
A Possible Approach for Decadal Prediction of the PDO
Evaluation of Routed-Runoff from Land Surface Models and Reanalyses Using Observed Streamflow in Chinese River Basins
Underestimation of the Warming Trend over the Tibetan Plateau during 1998–2013 by Global Land Data Assimilation Systems and Atmospheric Reanalyses


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