Role of Differences in Surface Diurnal–Nocturnal Thermodynamics over Complex Terrain in a Squall Line Process
Detecting Intensity Evolution of the Western North Pacific Super Typhoons in 2016 Using the Deviation Angle Variance Technique with FY Data
Sea-Salt Aerosol Effects on the Simulated Microphysics and Precipitation in a Tropical Cyclone
Below-Cloud Aerosol Scavenging by Different-Intensity Rains in Beijing City
Projection of Landslides in China during the 21st Century under the RCP8.5 Scenario
Simulation and Projection of Near-Surface Wind Speeds in China by BCC-CSM Models
Diurnal Variations of Summer Precipitation over the Qilian Mountains in Northwest China
Climate Sensitivity and Feedbacks of a New Coupled Model CAMS-CSM to Idealized CO2 Forcing: A Comparison with CMIP5 Models
ENSO Features, Dynamics, and Teleconnections to East Asian Climate as Simulated in CAMS-CSM
Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation in the Asian–Pacific Monsoon Region Simulated in CAMS-CSM
An Assessment of ENSO Stability in CAMS Climate System Model Simulations
Remote Sensing of Tropical Cyclone Thermal Structure from Satellite Microwave Sounding Instruments: Impacts of Background Profiles on Retrievals
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