A Review of Climate Change Attribution Studies
Sensitivity Study of Anthropogenic Aerosol Indirect Forcing through Cirrus Clouds with CAM5 Using Three Ice Nucleation Parameterizations
Estimation of the Aerosol Radiative Effect over the Tibetan Plateau Based on the Latest CALIPSO Product
Influences of the Internal Mixing of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Global Aridity Change
The Observation of Ice-Nucleating Particles Active at Temperatures above –15°C and Its Implication on Ice Formation in Clouds
Analysis of Paths and Sources of Moisture for the South China Rainfall during the Presummer Rainy Season of 1979–2014
Effects of Updated RegCM4 Land Use Data on Near-Surface Temperature Simulation in China
Subseasonal Zonal Oscillation of the Western Pacific Subtropical High during Early Summer
Water Vapor Transport Related to the Interdecadal Shift of Summer Precipitation over Northern East Asia in the Late 1990s
Improving Multi-Model Ensemble Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Bayesian Model Averaging
Remote Sensing of Tropical Cyclone Thermal Structure from Satellite Microwave Sounding Instruments: Impacts of Optimal Channel Selection on Retrievals
Possible Impact of Spatial and Temporal Non-Uniformity in Land Surface Temperature Data on Trend Estimation
Asymmetric Ridge–Furrow and Film Cover Improves Plant Morphological Traits and Light Utilization in Rain-Fed Maize
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