Relative Contributions of Boundary-Layer Meteorological Factors to the Explosive Growth of PM2.5 during the Red-Alert Heavy Pollution Episodes in Beijing in December 2016
A Comparison of the Effects of Interannual Arctic Sea Ice Loss and ENSO on Winter Haze Days: Observational Analyses and AGCM Simulations
Accounting for CO2 Variability over East Asia with a Regional Joint Inversion System and Its Preliminary Evaluation
Climatology of the Meteorological Factors Associated with Haze Events over Northern China and Their Potential Response to the Quasi-Biannual Oscillation
The Aerosol Radiative Effect on a Severe Haze Episode in the Yangtze River Delta
Numerical Simulations of an Advection Fog Event over Shanghai Pudong International Airport with the WRF Model
Structural Characteristics of Atmospheric Temperature and Humidity inside Clouds of Convective and Stratiform Precipitation in the Rainy Season over East Asia
Long-Term Trend in Potential Vorticity Intrusion Events over the Pacific Ocean: Role of Global Mean Temperature Rise
Improving CLM4.5 Simulations of Land–Atmosphere Exchange during Freeze–Thaw Processes on the Tibetan Plateau
A Nowcasting Technique Based on Application of the Particle Filter Blending Algorithm
Impact of Initial Storm Intensity and Size on the Simulation of Tropical Cyclone Track and Western Pacific Subtropical High Extent
A Convection-Allowing Ensemble Forecast Based on the Breeding Growth Mode and Associated Optimization of Precipitation Forecast
Retrieval of Eddy Thermal Conductivity in the Weakly Nonlinear Prandtl Model for Katabatic Flows
Semi-Idealized Modeling of Lightning Initiation Related to Vertical Air Motion and Cloud Microphysics
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