Observed Trends in Various Aspects of Compound Heat Waves across China from 1961 to 2015
Physical Processes Responsible for the Interannual Variability of Sea Ice Concentration in Arctic in Boreal Autumn since 1979
Variations of Winter Precipitation over Southeastern China in Association with the North Atlantic Oscillation
Sensitivity of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation to the Dynamical Framework in an Ocean General Circulation Model
Using the Inverse of Expected Error Variance to Determine Weights of Individual Ensemble Members: Application to Temperature Prediction
Analysis of the Structure of Different Tibetan Plateau Vortex Types
Analysis of the Mechanism Underlying Tibetan Plateau Vortex Frequency Difference between Strong and Weak MJO Periods
Differences in Atmospheric Heat Source between the Tibetan Plateau–South Asia Region and the Southern Indian Ocean and Their Impacts on the Indian Summer Monsoon Outbreak
Relationship between Atmospheric Heat Source over the Tibetan Plateau and Precipitation in the Sichuan–Chongqing Region during Summer
Error Sensitivity Analysis in 10–30-Day Extended Range Forecasting by Using a Nonlinear Cross-Prediction Error Model
Optical Properties of Cirrus Transition Zones over China Detected by CALIOP
Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth for Chongqing Using the HJ-1 Satellite Data
Regional Meteorological Patterns for Heavy Pollution Events in Beijing
Characteristics and Possible Formation Mechanisms of Severe Storms in the Outer Rainbands of Typhoon Mujigae (1522)
Testing and Improving the Performance of the Common Land Model: A Case Study for the Gobi Landscape
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