Preface to Special Issue in Commemoration of Shaowu Wang
How the “Best” CMIP5 Models Project Relations of Asian–Pacific Oscillation to Circulation Backgrounds Favorable for Tropical Cyclone Genesis over the Western North Pacific
Changes in Aridity in Response to the Global Warming Hiatus
Climatological Characteristics of Summer Precipitation over East Asia Measured by TRMM PR: A Review
Characterizing the Winter Concurrent Variation Patterns of the Subtropical and Polar-Front Jets over East Asia
Impacts of the Leading Modes of Tropical Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly on Sub-Seasonal Evolution of the Circulation and Rainfall over East Asia during Boreal Spring and Summer
Comparison of Two Drought Indices in Studying Regional Meteorological Drought Events in China
Prediction of Primary Climate Variability Modes at the Beijing Climate Center
Reducing the Prediction Uncertainties of High-Impact Weather and Climate Events: An Overview of Studies at LASG
Projection of China’s Near- and Long-Term Climate in a New High-Resolution Daily Downscaled Dataset NEX-GDDP
Circulation Characteristics of Persistent Cold Spells in Central–Eastern North America
Climatic Aftermath of the 1815 Tambora Eruption in China
An Overview of Mainland China Temperature Change Research
Tree-Ring Latewood Width Based July–August SPEI Reconstruction in South China since 1888 and Its Possible Connection with ENSO
Observed, Reconstructed, and Simulated Decadal Variability of Summer Precipitation over Eastern China
Interdecadal Variations of ENSO around 1999/2000
Winter AO/NAO Modifies Summer Ocean Heat Content and Monsoonal Circulation over the Western Indian Ocean
Table of Contents


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