Table of Contents
A Review of Advances in Lightning Observations during the Past Decade in Guangdong, China
Summer Monsoon Indices on June Rainfall in Hong Kong and Its Vicinity
Effects of the Upstream Temperature Anomaly on Freezing Rain and Snowstorms over Southern China in Early 2008
Classification of Persistent Heavy Rainfall Events over South China and Associated Moisture Source Analysis
Momentum Budget Diagnosis and the Parameterization of Subgrid-Scale Orographic Drag in Global GRAPES
Mesoscale Observational Analysis of Lifting Mechanism of a WarmSector Convective System Producing the Maximal Daily Precipitation in China Mainland during Pre-Summer Rainy Season of 2015
Combined Impact of Climate Change, Cultivar Shift, and Sowing Date on Spring Wheat Phenology in Northern China
Interdecadal Variations of Cold Air Activities in Northeast China during Springtime
The Relationship between Precipitation Heterogeneity and Meteorological Drought/Flood in China
Interannual Variability of Summer Rainfall over the Northern Part of China and the Related Circulation Features
Significant Enhancement in Atmospheric Biweekly Disturbance over Northeast Asia during the Recent Warming Hiatus
Impact of Multi-Scale Oscillations at High and Low Latitudes on Two Persistent Heavy Rainfall Events in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
Effects of Surface Drag on Upper-Level Frontogenesis within a Developing Baroclinic Wave
A New Method to Compare Hourly Rainfall between Station Observations and Satellite Products over Central-Eastern China


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