Table of Contents
Development and Initial Assessment of a New Land Index for Microwave Humidity Sounder Cloud Detection
Lightning Activity and Its Relationship with Typhoon Intensity and Vertical Wind Shear for Super Typhoon Haiyan (1330)
Comparison of Two Homogenized Datasets of Daily Maximum/Mean/Minimum Temperature in China during 1960-2013
A Synoptic Overview and Moisture Trajectory Analysis of the “7.21” Heavy Rainfall Event in Beijing
Discussion on the Complete-Form Vorticity Equation and Slantwise Vorticity Development
Estimation of the Monthly Precipitation Predictability Limit in China Using the Nonlinear Local Lyapunov Exponent
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Global Frictional Torque during the Period 1948-2011
New Precipitation and Temperature Grids for Northern Patagonia: Advances in Relation to Global Climate Grids
The Aerosol-Monsoon Climate System of Asia: A New Paradigm
A Coupled Experiment with LICOM2 as the Ocean Component of CESM1


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