Table of Contents
Regional Warming by Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone: A Review of Progresses and Research Challenges in China
Comprehensive Radar Observations of Clouds and Precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau and Preliminary Analysis of Cloud Properties
The Key Oceanic Regions Responsible for the Interannual Variability of the Western North Pacific Subtropical High and Associated Mechanisms
Underestimation of Oceanic Warm Cloud Occurrences by the Cloud Profiling Radar Aboard CloudSat
Performance of CMIP5 Models in the Simulation of Climate Characteristics of Synoptic Patterns over East Asia
Nonlinear Responses of Oceanic Temperature to Wind Stress Anomalies in Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans: A Study Based on Numerical Experiments with an OGCM
Using Moving North Pacific Index to Improve Rainy Season Rainfall Forecast over the Yangtze River Basin by Analog Error Correction
Changes in Stratospheric ClO and HCl Concentrations Under Different Greenhouse Gas Emission Scenarios
Flux Footprint Climatology Estimated by Three Analytical Models over a Subtropical Coniferous Plantation in Southeast China
Numerical Simulations of Local Circulation and Its Response to Land Cover Changes over the Yellow Mountains of China
An Example of Canal Formation in a Thick Cloud Induced by Massive Seeding Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Responses of Irrigated Winter Wheat Yield in North China to Increased Temperature and Elevated CO2 Concentration


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