Table of Contents
A Case Study of the November 2012 Mixed Rain-Snow Storm over North China
Objective Analysis of Circulation Extremes During the 21 July 2012 Torrential Rain in Beijing
Sensitivity of Quasi-Periodic Outer Rainband Activity of Tropical Cyclones to the Surface Entropy Flux
Numerical Simulation of Changes in Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using a Coupled Air-Sea Model
Responses of the Leading Mode of Coldwave Intensity in China to a Warming Climate
Comparison of the Structure and Evolution of Intraseasonal Oscillations Before and After Onset of the Asian Summer Monsoon
Modeling Study of the Effect of Anthropogenic Aerosols on Late Spring Drought in South China
Relationship Between Soil Temperature in May over Northwest China and the East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation
Synoptic Verification of Medium-Extended-Range Forecasts of the Northwest Pacific Subtropical High and South Asian High Based on Multi-Center TIGGE Data
Lightning Activity and Precipitation Characteristics of Typhoon Molave (2009) Around Its Landfall
Evaluation of Agricultural Climatic Resource Utilization During Spring Maize Cultivation in Northeast China Under Climate Change


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