Table of Contents
Improving Simulation of a Tropical Cyclone Using Dynamical Initialization and Large-Scale Spectral Nudging: A Case Study of Typhoon Megi (2010)
Impact of the Subtropical High on the Extratropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones over the Western North Pacific
Maintenance of Tropical Cyclone Bill (1988) after Landfall
Re-Examination of the Potential Vorticity Metrics for Determining Extratropical Transition Onset and Completion Times Using High-Resolution Data
Different Relationships Between Spring SST in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and Summer Precipitation in China
Patterns of Multiscale Temperature Variability over the Eastern and Central Tibetan Plateau During 1960-2008
Ensemble Square Root Filter Assimilation of Near-Surface Soil Moisture and Reference-Level Observations into a Coupled Land Surface-Boundary Layer Model
A Novel Four-Wavelength Transmissometer for Distinguishing Haze and Fog
Integration of Multi-source Measurements to Monitor Dust over North China:A Case Study
Simulation and Projection of Changes in Rainy Season Precipitation over China Using the WRF Model
Impacts of Recent Climate Change on Dry-Land Crop Water Consumption in the Northern Agro-Pastoral Transitional Zone of China
Land-Sea Contrast in the Lightning Diurnal Variation as Observed by the WWLLN and LIS/OTD Data


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