Formation of the Anomalous Summer Precipitation in East China in 2010 and 1998: A Comparison of the Impacts of Two Kinds of El Niño
WANG Qin, LI Shuanglin, FU Jianjian, LI Guoping
2012, 26(6): 665-682.
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Spatiotemporal Distributions of δD in Atmospheric Water Vapor Based on TES Data During 2004-2009
ZHANG Xinping, ZHANG Xinzhu, GUAN Huade, HUANG Yimin, WU Huawu
2012, 26(6): 683-699.
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The East Asian Upper-Tropospheric Jet Streams and Associated Transient Eddy Activities Simulated by a Climate System Model BCC_CSM1.1
XIAO Chuliang, ZHANG Yaocun
2012, 26(6): 700-716.
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Doppler Radar Data Assimilation with a Local SVD-En3DVar Method
XU Daosheng, SHAO Aimei, QIU Chongjian
2012, 26(6): 717-734.
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Validation of Daily Precipitation from Two High-Resolution Satellite Precipitation Datasets over the Tibetan Plateau and the Regions to Its East
WU Lu, ZHAI Panmao
2012, 26(6): 735-745.
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A Reflectivity Climatology Algorithm for Hybrid Scans and Its Application to Radar Coverage over the Tibetan Plateau
ZHUANG Wei, LIU Liping
2012, 26(6): 746-757.
Abstract Full Text PDF
Statistical Features of Tropical Cyclones Affecting China and Its Key Economic Zones
CHAO Qingchen, CHAO Jiping
2012, 26(6): 758-772.
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An Observational Analysis of a Derecho in South China
XIA Rudi, WANG Donghai, SUN Jianhua, WANG Gaili, XIA Guancong
2012, 26(6): 773-787.
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Numerical Study of a Mesoscale Vortex in the Planetary Boundary Layer of the Meiyu Front
SHEN Hangfeng, ZHAI Guoqing, ZHU Ye, XU Yaqin
2012, 26(6): 788-802.
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