Comparisons of Two Ensemble Mean Methods in Measuring the Average Error Growth and the Predictability
DING Ruiqiang, LI Jianping
2011, 25(4): 395-404.
Abstract PDF
Development of an Integrated Vertical-Slantwise Convective Parameterization Scheme and Its Associated Numerical Experiments
FEI Jianfang, WU Rongsheng, HUANG Xiaogang, WANG Yuan, CHENG Xiaoping
2011, 25(4): 405-418.
Abstract PDF
Nonlinearity and Finite-Time Instability in a T21L3 Quasigeostrophic Model
JIANG Zhina, WANG Donghai
2011, 25(4): 419-429.
Abstract PDF
A Case Study of the Error Growth and Predictability of a Meiyu Frontal Heavy Precipitation Event
LUO Yu, ZHANG Lifeng
2011, 25(4): 430-440.
Abstract PDF
Impact of Cloud Microphysical Processes on the Simulation of Typhoon Rananim near Shore. Part I: Cloud Structure and Precipitation Features
CHENG Rui, YU Rucong, FU Yunfei, XU Youping
2011, 25(4): 441-455.
Abstract PDF
Impact of Cloud Microphysical Processes on the Simulation of Typhoon Rananim near Shore. Part II: Typhoon Intensity and Track
CHENG Rui, YU Rucong, XU Youping, FU Yunfei
2011, 25(4): 456-466.
Abstract PDF
Thermodynamic Characteristics of Tropical Cyclones with Rapid Intensity Change over the Coastal Waters of China
YU Yubin, YAO Xiuping
2011, 25(4): 467-477.
Abstract PDF
High-Resolution Mesoscale Analysis Data from the South China Heavy Rainfall Experiment (SCHeREX): Data Generation and Quality Evaluation
NI Yunqi, CUI Chunguang, LI Hongli, PENG Juxiang, QIU Xuexing, ZHANG Yanxia, XU Xiaolin, GAO Mei, JIE Lianshu, ZHANG Wenhua
2011, 25(4): 478-493.
Abstract PDF
Study of Distinctive Regional Features of Surface Solar Radiation in North and East China
GUAN Fulai, ZHENG Youfei, CAI Ziying, YU Changwen, ZHANG Nan
2011, 25(4): 494-505.
Abstract PDF
Connections Between Different Types of El Ni~no and Southern/Northern Oscillation
PENG Jingbei, ZHANG Qingyun, CHEN Lieting
2011, 25(4): 506-516.
Abstract PDF
The Influence of Large-Scale Circulation on the Summer Hydrological Cycle in the Haihe River Basin of China
OU Tinghai, LIU Yanxiang, CHEN Deliang, David RAYNER, ZHANG Qiang, GAO Ge, XIANG Weiguo
2011, 25(4): 517-526.
Abstract PDF
Impact of Air Pollution on Summer Surface Winds in Xi'an
YANG Xin, DONG Wenjie, LIU Fangxia
2011, 25(4): 527-533.
Abstract PDF
Changes of Accumulated Temperature, Growing Season and Precipitation in the North China Plain from 1961 to 2009
SONG Yanling, ZHAO Yanxia, WANG Chunyi
2011, 25(4): 534-543.
Abstract PDF


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