Sensitivity of the DRP-4DVar Performance to Perturbation Samples Obtained by Two Different Methods
2010, 24(5): 527-538.
Abstract PDF
Relation of Summer Asian-Pacific Oscillation to Tropical Cyclone Activities over the Coastal Waters of China
ZOU Yan, ZHAO Ping
2010, 24(5): 539-547.
Abstract PDF
Estimation of the Threshold Friction Velocities over Various Dust Storm Source Areas in Northwest China
ZHU Hao, ZHANG Hongsheng
2010, 24(5): 548-557.
Abstract PDF
Modeling Study of the Global Distribution of Radiative Forcing by Dust Aerosol
ZHANG Hua, MA Jinghui, ZHENG Youfei
2010, 24(5): 558-570.
Abstract PDF
Simulations of the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation by the Atmospheric General Circulation Model of the Beijing Climate Center
DONG Min, WU Tongwen, WANG Zaizhi, ZHANG Fang
2010, 24(5): 571-583.
Abstract PDF
Can Eddy Forcing be Responsible for the Spatial Structure of the Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode?
ZHAO Nan, LI Yan, SHEN Xinyong
2010, 24(5): 584-592.
Abstract PDF
A Study on Influence of Predictor Multicollinearity on Performance of the Stepwise Regression Prediction Equation
JIN Long, HUANG Xiaoyan, SHI Xuming
2010, 24(5): 593-601.
Abstract PDF
Study of Different Attenuation Correction Methods in Association with Rainfall Estimation for X-Band Polarimetric Radars
HU Zhiqun, LIU Liping, CHU Rongzhong, JIN Ronghua
2010, 24(5): 602-613.
Abstract PDF
Study on the Algorithm to Retrieve Precipitation with X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
XIE Yanan, HUAN Jianping, TAO Yang
2010, 24(5): 614-621.
Abstract PDF
Parallelization Load Balance Strategy for a Global Grid-Point Model
WU Xiangjun, CHEN Dehui, SONG Junqiang, JIN Zhiyan, YANG Xuesheng, ZHANG Hongliang
2010, 24(5): 622-630.
Abstract PDF
A Lightning Activity Forecast Scheme Developed for Summer Thunderstorms in South China
WANG Fei, ZHANG Yijun, DONG Wansheng
2010, 24(5): 631-640.
Abstract PDF
Simulations of Hydrological Cycle Changes Between the LGM and the Present Day over China
LIU Yu, LI Weiliang, HE Jinhai, CHEN Longxun
2010, 24(5): 641-656.
Abstract PDF
Editorial Office of Acta Meteorologica Sinica
2010, 24(5): 657-657.
Abstract PDF


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