Table of Contents
Sensitivity of the DRP-4DVar Performance to Perturbation Samples Obtained by Two Different Methods
Relation of Summer Asian-Pacific Oscillation to Tropical Cyclone Activities over the Coastal Waters of China
Estimation of the Threshold Friction Velocities over Various Dust Storm Source Areas in Northwest China
Modeling Study of the Global Distribution of Radiative Forcing by Dust Aerosol
Simulations of the Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation by the Atmospheric General Circulation Model of the Beijing Climate Center
Can Eddy Forcing be Responsible for the Spatial Structure of the Northern Hemisphere Annular Mode?
A Study on Influence of Predictor Multicollinearity on Performance of the Stepwise Regression Prediction Equation
Study of Different Attenuation Correction Methods in Association with Rainfall Estimation for X-Band Polarimetric Radars
Study on the Algorithm to Retrieve Precipitation with X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar
Parallelization Load Balance Strategy for a Global Grid-Point Model
A Lightning Activity Forecast Scheme Developed for Summer Thunderstorms in South China
Simulations of Hydrological Cycle Changes Between the LGM and the Present Day over China


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