Table of Contents
Climatological Features of the Western Pacific Subtropical High Southward Retreat Process in Late Spring and Early Summer
Study on Formation and Development of a Mesoscale Convergence Line in Typhoon Rananim
Analysis and Modeling of a Long-Lasting Fog Event over Beijing in February 2007
Relationship Between the Number of Summer Typhoons Engendered over the Northwest Pacific and South China Sea and Main Climatic Conditions in the Preceding Winter and Spring
A Mechanism for the Interannual Variation of the Early Summer East Asia-Pacific Teleconnection Wave Train
Effects of the Thermal Contrast Between Indo-China Peninsula and South China Sea on the SCS Monsoon Onset
MM5 Simulations of the China Regional Climate During the Mid-Holocene
Experimental Simulations of Extreme Precipitation Based on the Multi-Status Markov Chain Model
An Atmospheric Dry Intrusion Parameter and Its Application
Calibration and Data Quality Analysis with Mobile C-Band Polarimetric Radar
Analysis of the Structure of the Temperature Field in Relation to the Persistent Snowy and Cold Weather in South China in Early 2008
The South China Quasi-Stationary Front During the Ice-Snow Disaster of January 2008


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