Latest Advances in Climate Change Detection Techniques
FENG Guolin, GONG Zhiqiang, ZHI Rong
2010, 24(1): 1-16.
Abstract PDF
Impact of Different Guidances on Sensitive Areas of Targeting Observations Based on the CNOP Method
TAN Xiaowei, WANG Bin, WANG Dongliang
2010, 24(1): 17-30.
Abstract PDF
Moisture Transport in the Asian Summer Monsoon Region and Its Relationship with Summer Precipitation in China
ZHOU Xiaoxia, DING Yihui, WANG Panxing
2010, 24(1): 31-42.
Abstract PDF
Definition and Features of the North Edge of the East Asian Summer Monsoon
TANG Xu, CHEN Baode, LIANG Ping, QIAN Weihong
2010, 24(1): 43-49.
Abstract PDF
Single-Doppler Radar Observations of a High Precipitation Supercell Accompanying the 12 April 2003 Severe Squall Line in Fujian Province
PAN Yujie, ZHAO Kun, PAN Yinong
2010, 24(1): 50-65.
Abstract PDF
A Diagnostic Case Study on the Comparison Between the Frontal and Non-Frontal Convective Systems
ZHANG Xiaohui, NI Yunqi
2010, 24(1): 66-77.
Abstract PDF
Tropical Cyclone Cloud Image Segmentation by the B-Spline Histogram with Multi-Scale Transforms
ZHANG Changjiang, WANG Xiaodong, DUANMU Chunjiang
2010, 24(1): 78-94.
Abstract PDF
Richardson Number in a Moist Atmosphere and Its Application in the Analysis of Heavy Rainfall Events
ZHAO Yu, CUI Xiaopeng, GAO Shouting
2010, 24(1): 95-103.
Abstract PDF
Microphysical Structure and Evolution of a Four-Day Persistent Fog Event in Nanjing in December 2006
LIU Duanyang, PU Meijuan, YANG Jun, ZHANG Guozheng, YAN Wenlian, LI Zihua
2010, 24(1): 104-115.
Abstract PDF
A Parameterization Scheme for Regional Average Runoff over Heterogeneous Land Surface Under Climatic Rainfall Forcing
LIU Jingmiao, DING Yuguo, ZHOU Xiuji, LI Yun
2010, 24(1): 116-122.
Abstract PDF
Simulating the Impacts of Global Warming on Wheat in China Using a Large Area Crop Model
LI Sanai, Tim Wheeler, Andrew Challinor, LIN Erda, XU Yinlong, JU Hui
2010, 24(1): 123-135.
Abstract PDF
Progress on the Key Technology Development in Application of Ensemble Prediction Products Associated with TIGGE
JIAO Meiyan
2010, 24(1): 136-136.
Abstract PDF


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