Characteristics of Subtropical Monsoon and Rainfall over Eastern China and Western North Pacific
ZHAO Ping, ZHOU Xiuji, CHEN Longxun, HE Jinhai
2009, 23(6): 649-665.
Abstract PDF
On Prediction of Record-Breaking Daily Temperature Events
FENG Guolin, YANG Jie, WAN Shiquan, HOU Wei, ZHI Rong
2009, 23(6): 666-680.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal Characteristics of Precipitation Occurrences in the Core Area of the Subtropical High
FENG Sha, FU Yunfei
2009, 23(6): 681-690.
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Simulation of the Effects of the Preceding SST Anomalies over the Tropical Eastern Pacific on Precipitation to the South of the Yangtze River in June
LI Yan, WANG Yafei, DONG Min
2009, 23(6): 691-700.
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Ensemble Prediction of Monsoon Index with a Genetic Neural Network Model
YAO Cai, JIN Long, ZHAO Huasheng
2009, 23(6): 701-712.
Abstract PDF
Effects of the Physical Process Ensemble Technique on Simulation of Summer Precipitation over China
HUANG Anning, ZHANG Yaocun, ZHU Jian
2009, 23(6): 713-724.
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Developments of the Three-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation System for the Nonhydrostatic GRAPES
MA Xulin, ZHUANG Zhaorong, XUE Jishan, LU Weisong
2009, 23(6): 725-737.
Abstract PDF
The Dynamical and Climate Tests of an Atmospheric General Circulation Model Using the Second-Order Adams-Bashforth Method
2009, 23(6): 738-749.
Abstract PDF
The Large Scale Circulation of the Snow Disaster in Southern China in the Beginning of 2008
WANG Yafei, LI Yan, LI Pingyun, LIU Ying
2009, 23(6): 750-759.
Abstract PDF
Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Drop Size Distribution Shape on Cloud and Precipitation
TAO Yue, HONG Yanchao
2009, 23(6): 760-771.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Initial Stage Intracloud Lightning Using the Pulse Location Technique Based on the Fast Electric Field Change
WANG Dongfang, QIE Xiushu, YUAN Tie, ZHANG Guangshu, ZHANG Tong, ZHANG Tinglong, ZHANG Qilin
2009, 23(6): 772-781.
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