A Fast Algorithm for Solving CNOP and Associated Target Observation Tests
The Mesoscale Predictability of a Heavy Precipitation Event
A New Mechanism of Convective Cell Regeneration and Development Within a Two-Dimensional Multicell Storm
Seasonal Prediction of the Global Precipitation Annual Modes with the Grid-Point Atmospheric Model of IAP LASG
A Simulation Study of the Mesoscale Convective Systems Associated with a Meiyu Frontal Heavy Rain Event
A Case Study on the Triggering of Thermal Convective Precipitation
A Study on a Heavy Rainfall Event Triggered by an Inverted Typhoon Trough in Shandong Province
Unstable Dynamical Properties of Spiral Cloud Bands in Tropical Cyclones
Wave Sources, Energy Propagation and Conversion for Anomalous Rossby Wave Activities Along the West Asian Jet Stream
Impacts of the Zonal Position of the East Asian Westerly Jet Core on Precipitation Distribution During Meiyu of China


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