A Fast Algorithm for Solving CNOP and Associated Target Observation Tests
WANG Bin, TAN Xiaowei
2009, 23(4): 387-402.
Abstract PDF
The Mesoscale Predictability of a Heavy Precipitation Event
ZHAI Danhua, LIN Yonghui
2009, 23(4): 403-412.
Abstract PDF
A New Mechanism of Convective Cell Regeneration and Development Within a Two-Dimensional Multicell Storm
BAO Xuwei, TAN Zhemin
2009, 23(4): 413-427.
Abstract PDF
Seasonal Prediction of the Global Precipitation Annual Modes with the Grid-Point Atmospheric Model of IAP LASG
WU Zhiwei, LI Jianping
2009, 23(4): 428-437.
Abstract PDF
A Simulation Study of the Mesoscale Convective Systems Associated with a Meiyu Frontal Heavy Rain Event
ZHANG Jin, TAN Zhemin
2009, 23(4): 438-454.
Abstract PDF
A Case Study on the Triggering of Thermal Convective Precipitation
LI Yunying, YU Rucong, FU Yunfei, YE Chengzhi
2009, 23(4): 455-467.
Abstract PDF
A Study on a Heavy Rainfall Event Triggered by an Inverted Typhoon Trough in Shandong Province
ZHAO Yu, CUI Xiaopeng, WANG Jianguo
2009, 23(4): 468-484.
Abstract PDF
Unstable Dynamical Properties of Spiral Cloud Bands in Tropical Cyclones
2009, 23(4): 485-493.
Abstract PDF
Wave Sources, Energy Propagation and Conversion for Anomalous Rossby Wave Activities Along the West Asian Jet Stream
YANG Lianmei, Zhang Qingyun
2009, 23(4): 494-505.
Abstract PDF
Impacts of the Zonal Position of the East Asian Westerly Jet Core on Precipitation Distribution During Meiyu of China
DU Yin, ZHANG Yaocun, XIE Zhiqing
2009, 23(4): 506-516.
Abstract PDF


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