On Orderly Adaptation to Global Warming
YE Duzheng, YAN Zhongwei
2009, 23(3): 261-262.
Abstract PDF
Stratospheric Temperature Changes and Ozone Recovery in the 21st Century
HU Yongyun, XIA Yan, GAO Mei, LU Daren
2009, 23(3): 263-275.
Abstract PDF
Three-Dimensional Structure and Low-Level Features of the North Pacific Storm Track from 1999 to 2005
FU Gang, BI Wei, GUO Jingtian
2009, 23(3): 276-289.
Abstract PDF
Air Temperature Changes over the Tibetan Plateau and Other Regions in the Same Latitudes and the Role of Ozone Depletion
ZHANG Renhe, ZHOU Shunwu
2009, 23(3): 290-299.
Abstract PDF
The Impact of Mid- and High-Latitude Rossby Wave Activities on the Medium-Range Evolution of the EAP Pattern During the Pre-Rainy Period of South China
SHI Ning, BUEH Cholaw, JI Liren, WANG Panxing
2009, 23(3): 300-314.
Abstract PDF
Interdecadal Variations of Precipitation and Temperature in China Around the Abrupt Change of Atmospheric Circulation in 1976
LI Chunhui, WAN Qilin, LIN Ailan, GU Dejun, ZHENG Bin
2009, 23(3): 315-326.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Structure During a Clear Day in the Arid Region of Northwest China
ZHANG Qiang, WANG Sheng
2009, 23(3): 327-337.
Abstract PDF
Study on Effects of Building Morphology on Urban Boundary Layer Using an Urban Canopy Model
ZHOU Rongwei, JIANG Weimei, HE Xiaofeng, LIU Gang
2009, 23(3): 338-349.
Abstract PDF
Simulation of Effects of Grassland Degradation on Regional Climate over Sanjiangyuan Region in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
LIAN Lishu, SHU Jiong
2009, 23(3): 350-362.
Abstract PDF
Case Study on the Impact of the Vortex in the Easterlies in the Tropical Upper Troposphere on the Western Pacific Subtropical Anticyclone
YAO Xiuping, WU Guoxiong, LIU Yimin, LIU Huanzhu
2009, 23(3): 363-373.
Abstract PDF
A Preliminary Analysis of Features and Causes of the Snow Storm Event over the Southern Areas of China in January 2008
WANG Donghai, LIU Chongjian, LIU Ying, WEI Fengying, ZHAO Nan, JIANG Zhina, LI Ying, CHEN Juying, WANG Yafei, SHI Xiaohui, XU Xiangde
2009, 23(3): 374-384.
Abstract PDF


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