The WRF 3DVar System Combined with Physical Initialization for Assimilation of Doppler Radar Data
Single-Doppler Radar Analysis of a Mesocyclone in the Taiwan Strait
3-D Storm Automatic Identification Based on Mathematical Morphology
An Integrating VAP Method for Single-Doppler Radar Wind Retrieval
A Study of the Characteristics of the Low-Frequency Circulation over the Tibetan Plateau and its Association with Precipitation in the Yangtze River Valley in 1998
The Moisture Structure of ISO in Western North Pacific Revealed by AIRS
A Simulation Study on the Characteristics of Cloud Microphysics of Heavy Rainfall in the Meiyu Front
Numerical Simulation of a Torrential Rain Event in the Northeast of Huaihe Basin. Part I: Model Verification and Analysis of MCSs
Total Lightning Characteristics and Electric Structure Evolution in a Hailstorm
A Study on the Relationship Among Visibility, Atmospheric Suspended Particulate Concentration, and Meteorological Conditions in Hong Kong


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