A View of Earth System Model Development
Four-stream Radiative Transfer Parameterization Scheme in a Land Surface Process Model
The 3D-Var Data Assimilation Experiments on a Dense Fog Event over the Central Plain of China
An East Asian Subtropical Summer Monsoon Index and Its Relationship to Summer Rainfall in China
Numerical Simulation of Regional Climate Change under IPCC A2 Scenario in China
A Diagnostic Analysis of the Simulated Structure of a Meiyu Front System in 1999
Heavy Rainfall Ensemble Prediction: Initial Condition Perturbation vs Multi-Physics Perturbation
Q Vector Analysis of Torrential Rainfall from Meiyu Front Cyclone:A Case Study
Principal Modes of Summertime Zonal-Mean Flow and Their Connections with the AO and ENSO
Positive Charge Region in Lower Part of Thunderstorm and Preliminary Breakdown Process of Negative Cloud-to-Ground Lightning


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