Sensitivity of the Simulated Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillation to Cumulus Parameterizations
Variability of the Coupling Between Surface Air Temperature and Northern Annular Mode at Various Levels
A Diagnostic and Numerical Study on a Rainstorm in South China Induced by a Northward-Propagating Tropical System
Decadal Relationship Between Atmospheric Heat Source and Winter-Spring Snow Cover over the Tibetan Plateau and Rainfall in East China
An Analysis of Interdecadal Variations of the Asian-African Summer Monsoon
Interaction Between Typhoon and Western Pacific Subtropical Anticyclone: Data Analyses and Numerical Experiments
Retrieval of Liquid Water Path Inside Nonprecipitating Clouds Using TMI Measurements
Study of Methods for Three-Dimensional Multiple-Radar Re ectivity Mosaics
Analysis of Channel Luminosity Characteristics in Rocket-Triggered Lightning
SVD Iteration Model and Its Use in Prediction of Summer Precipitation


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