A Climatological Investigation of the Activity of Summer Subtropical Vortices
Research on Water-Vapor Distribution in the Air over Qilian Mountains
Numerical Simulation of Atmosphere-Ocean-Sea Ice Interaction During Interannual Cycle in High Northern Latitudes
MM5 Simulations of the China Regional Climate During the LGM.II: In uence of Change of Land Area, Vegetation, and Large-scale Circulation Background
The Leading Mode of Indian Ocean SST and Its Impacts on Asian Summer Monsoon
Prediction Research of Climate Change Trends over North China in the Future 30 Years
Heavy Rainfall Associated with a Monsoon Depression in South China: Structure Analysis
Optical Observations on Propagation Characteristics of Leaders in Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Flashes
Simulation Study About the Influence of Atmospheric Stratification on Lightning Activities
MM5 Simulations of the China Regional Climate During the LGM.I: In uence of CO2 and Earth Orbit Change
Calculating Auroral Oval Pattern by AE Index
Observations of Cloud Condensation Nuclei in North China


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